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Why Digital isn't Online (& Why you should care)

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e-learning, Online, Digital - isn't it all the same?

The future of effective digital learning and its precise role in the education sector, workforce upskilling & individuals' lifelong learning seems to remain an ongoing debate. But is the debate being impacted by a misunderstanding of terms being used? Or a failure to recognise our current reality?

Join vetr Community Advisor Phill Bevan opening Digital Learning Day 2020 in style, exploring the latest industry stats, debates, research findings & general 'scuttlebutt' as the "people capability industry" (read education & corporate L&D) continues to lurch through our digital present.

As digital learning has been mooted to have - or will - completely change the landscape of how we support skills development, we'll helicopter some of the latest around the power of digital in driving engagement, learning and performance.

  • Where is "digital" positioned in 2020?
  • Overview of digital learning in current approaches, including e-learning, online & blended modes
  • Latest industry stats, debates, research findings
  • Key digital learning trends relevant to education & corporate L&D
  • Key challenges for educators, youth & the current workforce 


45 minutes in duration

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Phill Bevan - Community Advisor, vetr

Having completed a Masters of Education with e-learning specialisation "way back" in 2002, Phill has several decades experience from the front lines in the deployment of digital learning technology, education initiatives & personnel training - ranging across schools, vocational, higher education, not-for-profit and corporate environments. Having supported over 100 technology implementations during this period for all manner of business, learning and assessment solutions, including with multiple ASX Top 50 enterprises, Phill brings a wealth of practical understanding, knowledge and expertise across key business operating requirements and real world application of digital solutions.

Phill has held numerous directorships in corporate enterprises and not-for-profit organisations, and professional recognitions including as a Fellow of the Australian Human Resources Institute and Certified Management Consultant with Exemplar Global. As a HRM, systems and technologies professional, Phill has extensive experience in a diverse range of industry areas in start-up, high growth and established companies across the small business, corporate and not-for-profit sectors. Having established, grown and successfully exited a number of businesses, including a national BRW Fast 100 start-up, in recent years Phill has consulted on numerous national projects with well-known brands and ASX Top 100 companies, as well as providing support for local small business operators in all aspects of managing and growing their businesses.


What attendees said:

Informative, on-track, dealing with key current & future issues.

Really resonated that smaller personal talks digitally will work with students.

Enjoyed the discussion around how the use of digital tools needs to be effective, not just because we can.

Loved it!

Great presentation! 


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